Sigma is an advanced, responsive admin dashboard template built with React Redux and Bootstrap 4. It includes 3 different layouts, 8 navbar, top navigation and left sidebar color styles, more than 100 pages, 500+ widgets and components in every layout and lots of widgets and custom made reusable components to help you with your next React application.


  • 100% React. No jQuery
  • Hot module reloading for faster coding and development
  • Latest Bootstrap 4
  • 3 layouts. Default sidebar, collapsed sidebar and top navigation
  • 8 navbar, top navigation and left sidebar color styles
  • 100+ pages and 500+ widgets and components
  • Built with create-react-app package and SASS
  • Comes with 1500+ font icons



# Sep 24th, 2017
[added] Added 3 sample dashboards
[added] Top navigation layout
# Sep 19th, 2017
[added] Published template

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